TEEN TRUTH: BULLY & SCHOOL VIOLENCE DVD (10th Anniversary Edition)


CINE Golden Eagle Award Winner


Loaded with new footage, improved graphics, and updated stats, TEEN TRUTH’s 10th Anniversary Edition is a rapid-firing, lyrical documentary that weaves a story of one teenager’s struggle to overcome bullying with candid interviews of over fifteen diverse high school students. Filmed almost entirely by students, TEEN TRUTH features real youths coping with rejection, loneliness and harassment. Their candid stories provide important insight, which builds to an emotional climax that illustrates the sobering consequences of bullying. Featuring gripping school shooting facts and media, including authentic Columbine 9-1-1 tapes and security video, which will leave you speechless. TEEN TRUTH is a necessity for every student, parent or teacher struggling to understand the social problems associated with bullying and school violence.

An explosive, unadulterated documentary filmed by high school students seeking the truth behind the issues that lead to bullying and school violence.

Provide students, parents and teachers with a critical understanding of bullying and raise an essential awareness of the social problems that can escalate into school violence.


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