#1 Youth Speaker Returns to TEEN TRUTH

As a school leader, your relationships with your staff provide the oxygen that keeps your school going. The same is true when you own a company.

My passion for building resilient students and school culture keeps me flying (and sometimes driving) through the night, but the relationships I make with my team and my clients keep TEEN TRUTH growing bigger every day.

In the 15 years I’ve owned TEEN TRUTH, I’ve seen addicts rebuild themselves into leaders. I’ve seen broken hearts transform into hopeful pioneers. I’ve even seen questioning souls turn into committed difference makers.

When Jared Scott had to step back from speaking 2 years ago, I was heartbroken. Hiring him at the age of 19 (when he couldn’t even rent a car and I had to co-sign for his hotels!) and watching him blossom into our #1 youth speaker was one of the most amazing feelings in the world, but seeing him crushed by personal struggles and life on the road was gut-wrenching to say the least.

But as with your staff and students (you know, the ones that come back a few years later to thank you for your efforts) I held out hope that one day Jared would be prepared to come back to us.

Good news for me…and super good news for you: today is that day! 

I’m happy to announce that Jared is returning to TEEN TRUTH and is excited to reclaim his title as our #1 youth speaker.

If you have hosted Jared on your campus, you know just how special this announcement is, and if he hasn’t visited your campus, get on it right now. He is simply amazing!

To learn more about Jared and watch his speaker reel visit teentruth.net/jaredscott. His available dates will book up quickly, so please email me back if you are interested in booking him this semester. If you are interested in other Youth Speakers, check out our “Top 5 List” to see other great speakers!

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