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Our Story

Founded by JC Pohl & Erahm Christopher, TEEN TRUTH was started to help schools build school culture and empower student voice. Inspired by the award-winning, student-shot film series, the movement is designed to promote student-centered education initiatives. TEEN TRUTH’s efforts start with the highly motivational TEEN TRUTH: School Assembly, which is supplemented with films, stories, and activities designed to engage students and develop school culture. Our goal is to spark an honest discussion about the current struggles your teenagers face.

We also offer the TEEN TRUTH: Leadership Summit, which redefines student leadership and allows schools to transform every attendee into a viable difference maker. This leadership program helps students, educators, and parents understand the most critical issues on campus, and create a plan of action to overcome those challenges. 

TEEN TRUTH’s RISING UP: Coaching Program extends our efforts a step further by serving as a life-changing SEL curriculum that admins and counselors can use to build student resilience. Focused on changing the language around bullying, suicidal ideation, and life challenges, this peer-to-peer curriculum teaches students the social-emotional skills needed to thrive in the real world.

Everything that we are doing to help schools is brought about through our team members, marketing partners, and clients. Our reach includes schools and conferences in all education-related arenas. In briefest terms, our goal is simple: to empower student voice in every aspect of education.

After Experiencing TEEN TRUTH


Students Are More Willing to Report Bullying


Students Believe Bullying is More Serious


Students Believe Bullying Can Cause Harm

(Confirmed by an Independent Study on TEEN TRUTH)

Our Team


President & CEO

JC Pohl is an award-winning producer, nationally recognized speaker, and certified counselor who has reached more than 11 million people with his efforts to build school culture and empower student voice. He has produced ground-breaking programs such as TEEN TRUTH and RISING UP, and award-winning content for companies such as Warner Brothers, ESPN, and Disney. He has also provided innovative educational content for The American Film Institute and Human Relations Media.

His school culture work with TEEN TRUTH has sent him around the world, inspiring students, educators, and parents to tell hard truths and be the difference. During his career, Pohl has been featured on news programs, radio shows, and has received front-page coverage on USA Today and Yahoo! Sports. He has keynoted conferences for CADA, TASC, BOOST, NASC, LEAD, NCSA, NASSCED, ACE, DECA, Texas School Safety Center, COSA, SC AMLE, OASC, DECA, and the PTA. Additionally, he has consulted for brands such as Six Flags, Lifetouch, Union Pacific, Special Olympics, The Miami Dolphins, The Baltimore Ravens, and SHRM Chapters in Maine, New England, and Texas.

To compliment TEEN TRUTH, he also developed RISING UP, an SEL curriculum designed to teach students to build resiliency in the face of adversity. Launched in 2013, Pohl’s RISING UP: Coaching Program has reached students across the country and consists of a peer-to-peer program used by school counselors, the Texas Department of State Health Services, the Texas School Safety Center, 21st Century ACE Centers, Communities in Schools and other leading education related organizations across the country.

Pohl is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Texas State University, San Marcos, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing from Santa Clara University. Additionally, he has sat on the board of the Austin Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and manages a small private practice for select counseling clients. You can find him on Facebook and LinkedIn or connect directly at www.jcpohl.com.

Callie Pohl

Client Services Coordinator

Having worked in the healthcare industry since 2009, Callie Pohl joined the TEEN TRUTH team in 2015. She coordinates school events and fields client questions. Born in south Louisiana, Callie’s genuine smile, polite nature and sunny disposition extend her brand of southern hospitality to the TEEN TRUTH client base.

Audrey Bayers

Client Services Coordinator

With a rock solid background in marketing and communication, Audrey serves as TEEN TRUTH’s client services coordinator. She helps reach out to past clients, and educate incoming clients regarding TEEN TRUTH’s ability to build school culture and empower student voice.

Shane Williamson

Associate Producer

Having worked with TEEN TRUTH since its inception, Shane Williamson is a cornerstone of the company’s success. Shane fills multiple roles for the company, editing video segments, servicing product requests, and developing client relations. A true filmmaker by trade, Williamson also works as the Executive Director of the TEEN TRUTH: Film Festival, where he curates student created films from around the world.

Ryan McKernan


Every great company needs a talented wordsmith to articulate its message. Ryan McKernan serves as TEEN TRUTH’s lead copywriter for all of our marketing and communications efforts. Additionally, he has written Building School Culture From the Inside Out and Building Resilient Students From the Inside Out with TEEN TRUTH Co-founder, JC Pohl. His abbreviated portfolio can be viewed here.

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