TEEN TRUTH: BULLY & SCHOOL VIOLENCE is an explosive, student-shot film that compels its audience to think differently about bullying, school violence and the impact we have on others. The film has been seen by over 7 million viewers, and is regarded by students, parents and educators as a film that “makes you think about your life and the lives of others.”
TEEN TRUTH: DRUGS & ALCOHOL uses student-shot testimonials and sobering footage to expose the audience to the subtle beginnings and tragic ends associated with drug and alcohol abuse. After winning several national awards, TT: DRUGS & ALCOHOL became a best-selling prevention film.

TEEN TRUTH: BODY IMAGE & SELF-ESTEEM is a student-shot film that uncovers the secret struggles of a teen using a performance enhancing substance, a teen fighting obesity and a teen battling an eating disorder. Featuring compelling student testimonials and expert insights, the film reveals the truth about the importance of body image and the unhealthy lengths teens will go through to change how they look.

TEEN TRUTH: PARENTS & FAMILY COMMUNICATION mixes revealing animation with moving interviews to illustrate the essential role parents play in a teenager’s life.  Featuring interviews from students, parents and psychologists, the film provides critical insight and tips on how to strengthen relationships, improve communication and cope with the evolving and frequently precarious relationship between a parent and teenager.  If you do not have the time to read a book on parenting you need to take fifteen minutes to watch this film.


The film that started it all.  Shot by students and inspired to stop school violence.


TT’s most award-winning film, designed to educate students about the consequences of drug & alcohol abuse.


Bullying, drug abuse, body image, they are just the symptoms of a greater problem.


If you are a parent, you don’t have time to read a book.  Watch this movie.
This film changed my life and it changed the way I think about everything!

10th Grader

TEEN TRUTH is a film series that really should be required viewing for all classes in school.
Felix Vasquez Jr.

Film Threat

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Being a teenager is hard, but TEEN TRUTH taught me that I have a voice and that I can tell my truth.

7th Grader


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