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Jamar Root is a youth speaker and recent Temple University graduate who has a passion for inspiring students to find success. As the co-captain of his high school baseball team, Jamar learned the hard work it takes to not only play at a high level, but also overcome the natural pressures that come with being a student athlete. It wasn’t until his senior year when Jamar was confronted by a group of football players who wanted to fight him, that he found out what true leadership and friendship were all about.

Additionally, a cancer diagnosis at a young age taught Jamar the importance of living every minute to the fullest and following his passions in life.

Jamar’s unique point of view and relatability comes from not being far removed from the struggles and pitfalls he endured in middle school, high school, and college. Now, Jamar utilizes these experiences to help young students find their voice and be the difference on campus. He has been with TEEN TRUTH since 2022 and currently serves as the company’s #1 youth speaker.


“You can tell Jamar is super personable, thoughtful and passionate. He is a deep thinker and he killed it at our school!”

Michael Alfers, Assistant Director

Bishop Dunne Catholic School



Founded in 2006, TEEN TRUTH is an educational services company focused on empowering student voice, enhancing school culture, and building student resilience. Developed from the success of an award-winning student-shot film series, TEEN TRUTH boasts North America’s premiere motivational assemblies, youth leadership training, and peer-to-peer curriculum.

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Overview & Topics

Infused with the student created films that made TEEN TRUTH a leader in educational content, the TEEN TRUTH: Assembly Experience uses engaging storytelling, real world examples, and audience participation to teach students how to identify different forms of teenage problems. TEEN TRUTH’s school assembly program motivates students to be the difference on campus and in life. School assembly shows run 50 – 60 minutes, are ideal for any sized audience, and can be customized to focus on topics such as bullying, school violence, teen suicide, youth leadership, teen empowerment, and self-esteem.

Legacy & Impact

For nearly 20 years, the TEEN TRUTH’s school assembly program has been heralded as the leading school culture and teen empowerment program. With millions of students reached and thousands of schools impacted around the world, the TEEN TRUTH school assembly experience promises to:

  • Empower Student Voice
  • Create a Cohesive School Community
  • Build School Culture that Creates a Safe Campus
  • Inspire Students, Educators, and Parents to Be the Difference

Content & Choice

Using our award-winning content and real-life stories from students we have met on the road, TEEN TRUTH offers customized motivational assemblies to our family of schools. Clients are able to select between our “traditional” school assembly format and our “custom” school assembly format, which features a wide array of content hand-selected by you!

Choose from issues such as bullying, school violence, drug abuse, self-esteem, teen suicide, and family communication, as well as student stories about overcoming adversity, learning to accept self, coping with sexual differences, and discovering the true meaning of leadership. To learn more visit

You guys changed my life. You came to our school, and you taught us things we probably will never forget.


10th Grade Student

I have brought in many assemblies before, but not one has been as powerful as TEEN TRUTH!

Vance Morris

School Principal

I was blown away by your presentation and I’m really amazed about the impact it had on me.


8th Grade Student

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