Do You Have a Great School Culture?

The TEEN TRUTH: School Culture Workshop is an educator-focused, professional development workshop featuring award-winning content from TEEN TRUTH, powerful speaking performances, and interactive sessions. It offers school leaders a critical understanding of the issues affecting school climate, and empowers them to develop an action plan to address the challenges their school faces.

The goal is to create campus wide initiatives that improve school safety, and build campus culture by producing educational leaders who understand the power of student engagement.

Build a Culture of Happiness

The easiest way to build school culture is through…


– Your Message 

– Your Activities 

– Your People 

Do you have a message that works?

Does your activity program make a difference?

Are your people living in true relationship?

Take the time to develop your school culture today!


School Culture Outcomes

The TEEN TRUTH: School Culture Workshop empowers student voice on campus while giving educators a simple step-by-step plan to build school culture. Ideal for middle school or high school focused administrators, the program can be either a full or half day experience.


– Brainstorm critical campus issues that are negatively affecting school climate 

– Develop tangible student-focused solutions that can be implemented on campus 

– Understand the importance of leading through service and empowering student voice 

Create campus wide messaging that builds school culture and inspires community connection

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