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Funding school culture can be expensive. It shouldn’t be!

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– Fund SEL Programming –

– Enhance Student Activities –

– Book TEEN TRUTH Programs for Free –

Offer Donors Benefits

Reward donors with benefits that they actually want and can ultimately use in their daily lives.

Raise School Funds

Fund SEL and school activity programs with funding options that excite parents and students.

Win Spirit Gear

Motivate your students to win custom gear that fuels campus connections and builds school culture.

How Does It Work?

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– 100% Virtual –

– No Crazy Games –

– 70% Return on Revenue –

Why is School Funding Important?

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It is horrible JC, they cut each school site budget by 25% and because of the cuts our governor put in place we have zero funding for SEL.
We don’t even have paper!

School Counselor

California Middle School

What is School Funding Group?

School Funding Group’s unique technology delivers an individual link for each student to share with family and friends. The link can be offered via text, email, or social media and gives recipients an exponential ability to donate to your school’s fundraising goals. The program is simple to administer and by conservative projections should generate substantially more than other fundraising activities.

It is time to say goodbye to…

– Selling Cookie Dough –

– Hawking Lame Discount Cards –

– Struggling to Fund SEL Programming –

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