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COVID has impacted our schools in many ways, but the hardest of all is the disappointment that the Class of 2021 may be feeling right now. Designed as one part therapy session and one part leadership lesson, TEEN TRUTH’s Senior Class Retreat gives the Class of 2021 the opportunity to re-connect and re-build.

This virtual event will feature TEEN TRUTH’s #1 Mental Health Speaker, Caleb Campbell, as he guides the Class of 2021 through a 60-minute experience that inspires them to recognize what they have lost, while also working to build connections between already established friend groups.

Through the power of his own personal story in the NFL, Caleb will teach the importance of vulnerability and the value of discussing our grief with others. He will then help the Class of 2021 find their passion in life and purpose for the future.

Hosted via Zoom, each session will encourage friend groups of five students to sign up for the retreat. These students will spend time together in breakout rooms working on activities that allow them to:

>>> Express Frustrations with the Current Situation <<<
>>> Find Support During these Challenging Times <<<
>>> Develop Their Passion for this Year and Beyond <<<

This life-changing opportunity is only ideal for students willing to engage in a highly interactive experience.

Featuring Special Guest Speaker Caleb Campbell

After a college football career full of accolades and awards, Caleb Campbell made history when he was selected by the Detroit Lions in the NFL Draft. Despite living out his childhood dream, this accomplishment didn’t come without several setbacks. From getting drafted to the NFL and not being allowed to play, to fighting to get back on the field only to be plagued by unhealed emotional trauma. Caleb’s life isn’t that different than the class of 2021’s. Come learn his story and how he believes you can find growth during the most adverse times of your life!

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