Student Leadership is NOT Cancelled

Building Student Leadership During a Pandemic is Hard

But It Doesn’t Have To Be!

Inspire Your Student Leaders To…

Brainstorm SEL Issues  

Create Tangible Solutions

Build Leadership Capacity

Interactive Experience

Hosted via Zoom, TEEN TRUTH’s virtual leadership summits are fully interactive and discussion based.

All Levels of Leaders

Ideal for middle school and high school level student leaders, as well as older aged elementary students.

Plug & Play Solution

TEEN TRUTH’s speakers have extensive hosting virtual summits and use a simple plug & play script that require little to no lifting from your teachers or your school.

100% Virtual Leadership Programming
Interactive Activities
Always Live, Never Pre-Recorded

Why Are Virtual Leadership Summits Important?

Ideal for middle school or high school aged audiences; this virtual event helps student leaders understand their role in the COVID era and the importance of thinking outside the box when it comes to building community and connections. Designed to be a 90-minute experience hosted via Zoom, all attendees will learn the value of:

➡ Brainstorming critical social-emotional issues that are negatively affecting student life
➡ Understanding how student leaders can better influence the world around them
➡ Developing tangible solutions that can be implemented during the COVID era

I just had TEEN TRUTH present to my student leaders and it was AWESOME!!! I highly recommend you having them present to your ASB kids… It was an amazing opportunity for my leaders to share some of the frustrations they’re experiencing right now and develop solutions to help our entire school!

Nicole Terranova-Drabinski

ASB Adviser, Sierra Vista Junior H.S.

Industry Best HD Video

Every TEEN TRUTH virtual program is filmed using studio level HD cameras with cutting-edge HDMI switching technology.

Studio Level Sound

All TEEN TRUTH speakers are professionally mic’d for their virtual programs, giving your student leaders the experience they deserve.

Top Notch Lighting

Producing films for over 20 years has taught us the value of good lighting! All TEEN TRUTH speakers will be lit with studio quality lights.


Interactive Experience

We will use the best technology,  films, and storytelling to engage your students in discussion throughout their virtual experience.

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