Visiting over 5,000 campuses has given TEEN TRUTH a unique insight into what it takes to build school culture. Even after just a minute or two of stepping into a school, we can generally feel the culture. We know within moments how engaged the students will be during our school assemblies, leadership summits, and curriculum trainings.

In my new eBook, “Building School Culture from the Inside Out”, I break down and simplify what it takes to put students and faculty into a position to create a positive school climate. After 10+ years on the road, I’ve learned that the secret sauce lies in the messages promoted across campus, the social and emotional focus of school activities program, and student centered programming.

I feel passionately about this because I have seen it with my own eyes. I’ve seen Mr. Jeff Eben create a culture of compassion through the use of his “Feel the Love” motto. I’ve seen Donna McNeel and Steve Paterson transform campuses with their orange covered “Be the Difference” days, and I’ve witnessed the growth of students like Leonela, Thomisha, Arjun, and Jamal as they found their voice on campus, and in life.


Does your school have a clear and concise school motto that will stick?
Do your school activities have a preconceived purpose behind them?
Are you helping students to form peer-to-peer relationships?

We want to help you answer “yes” to all three of these questions. You can learn more about these three simple steps by requesting a free copy of my eBook.

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TEEN TRUTH started with a mission to make schools safe. As we’ve evolved, we’ve come to learn that a positive school culture is the key ingredient to building a safe connected campus.

I’m giving this tiny book away for free because I sincerely believe that, by creating strong school culture, we can fix a lot of the problems our schools face today.

Join us. We’re building positive school culture from the inside out!

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JC Pohl
President & CEO, TEEN TRUTH
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