We know the speakers you invite to your campus need to connect with your students, and over the past 10 years, we’ve employed many youth speakers who inspire positive change in students lives. However, no speaker has ever done as well as Jared Scott. His TEEN TRUTH: Assembly Experience is like no other.

As a hip-hop artist, Jared has transcended from a student voice into a cultural force. As a student, he saw TEEN TRUTH in high school, and later incorporated it into his character building song, “Life Lessons.” His youthful approach to school assemblies combines perfectly with our student-shot content, and powerful speaking message.

We’ve worked with many speakers over the years, but Jared Scott’s passion for student voice and steadfast mission to inspire growth during moments of adversity has impressed me more than any other. We are honored to have him forging the next generation of our school assembly programs.

And just as we were drafting up this post, we learned that the song Scott performs during our assembly literally saved a life!

Check out this YouTube comment:

Jared Scott School Assembly Empowers Youth“You guys came to my school… Tonight a good friend of mine tried to commit suicide. I managed to talk him out of it, but what kept me from not completely falling apart was your song. He’s okay now and I can breathe. I was so scared. Thank you TEEN TRUTH and Jared Scott!”


This is why we do what we do!

Any school that contracts a 2017 assembly with Jared before December 31st of this year will receive 30% off our normal speaking rates. That is a savings of $1,000!

For more information visit www.teentruth.net or www.risingupcoaching.com and learn more about Jared at www.teentruth.net/jaredscott

You can email info@teentruth.net or call 818.237.5082 x4 to take advantage of this special offer.

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