Building School Culture in a Virtual World

I know you care about students. It’s why you read this blog! You didn’t have to, but you’ve chosen to be a part of this team.

Why is this important to building culture in a virtual world?  Because it means you are actively engaged in TEEN TRUTH’s offerings, and you care DEEPLY about school culture…and despite COVID, school culture is gaining momentum!

In the Spring, our team quickly mobilized to offer free virtual school assemblies for your students. The effort was a huge success and ranked us #1 on google for virtual school assemblies! 

So we got to thinking, how else can we help in this necessarily virtual era?

We’ve redesigned our TEEN TRUTH/365 program to be a one stop source for your virtual programming needs.

Visit to learn more about:

– Virtual School Assemblies

– Virtual Leadership Summits

– Virtual Professional Development Trainings

Whether you’re using a traditional, hybrid, or remote learning schedule, our programs will be live and they will fuel connection throughout your campus community.

And of course still offers additional info for in-person or virtual keynotes and workshops.

Contact us if you want to learn more.

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Building School Culture

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