The first time I attended CADA  was about 10 years ago. The great Turbo Garcia asked me to come speak in a breakout session.

I’d never been to CADA before, but boy did it leave an imprint on my soul.  It was an amazing conference with the best educators and ideas in the country.  Over the last 10 years, we’ve built TEEN TRUTH on our success at CADA, and still view our 2012 keynote as one of the high points of our career.  That’s why we continue to give back to the CADA community as much as we possibly can.

With that said, hundreds of attendees came by the TEEN TRUTH booth last week and entered our drawing to win a $1,500 coupon. This discount coupon can be used to bring our school assembly or leadership summit to your campus.

Originally I was planning to give this to one lucky winner, but our #1 youth speaker, Jared Scott, convinced me to give it out to 6 schools!  That is a gift of $9,000 to the CADA community, and we couldn’t be more honored to offer this added support.

So congrats to the following winners:

Castillero Middle School – Colleen Grogan

Shivela Middle School – Darlene Painter

Rocklin High School – Mark Douglas

Colina Middle School – Jennifer Pardini

Desert Rose High School – Leyla Placzkiewicz

Arlington High School – Claudia Castellanos

Contact TEEN TRUTH at info @ to claim your $1,500 coupon for a Jared Scott performed assembly or leadership summit to take place before 6.30.17.

Thanks so much for all that you do to build school culture. It is a true honor to be your partner in this effort. Please let us know if our school assemblies, leadership summits, or SEL curriculum can help you in your mission to build school culture.

My Best,

JC Pohl

President & CEO, TEEN TRUTH

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