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In both the news and on social media we often hear very defeating language around the issue of bullying and other pressures students face. You’ve heard them before:


“He got bullied, so he brought a gun to school.”
“She got bullied by the mean girls, so she committed suicide.”
“They got bullied online, so their parents sued.”


We are given the same narrative over and over again.

As we work across North America, we meet so many students who have been bullied, but have gotten through it. We speak to thousands of students who have thought of suicide, but found a reason to press on. We hear from millions of students who have faced adversity and have become stronger. Why are some students able to take the hits and keep moving forward while others succumb to their sadness and struggle to find support? One reason is because they have been able to #changethelanguage in their life.Instead of being problem focused and saturated in defeat, they have found a way to become solution focused. They become eager to find growth in the darker moments of life.
I always take a picture when I meet a student who has overcome adversity and then I post it on social media tagging it with #changethelanguage. This helps remind our audience that there are so many more positive stories than negative. I invite you to do the same.
Together we can all find solutions to our challenges. We don’t have to succumb to a defeating narrative. Our efforts with TEEN TRUTH and RISING UP underscore this passion to help students become more resilient as they find their voice and work every day to #changethelanguage in their life.
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President & CEO, TEEN TRUTH
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