Capture Today to Enhance Tomorrow

School is winding down. One of the most amazing things about the field of education is that every year you have a fresh start, a clean slate…a new chance. If your classroom management wasn’t working as you would have hoped, if your engaging unit wasn’t all you hoped it would be, if your yearlong map didn’t give you enough time for geometry (again), then you can change it.

You will have a fresh group of students who have no idea you were not as consistent as you wished when it came to voice level in the classroom. The students have never experienced that favorite unit and they certainly have no idea that you changed the scope of the Math curriculum. You can have it all back. You can grow and learn and evolve. You can create a year for your new students that was better than the one in the rearview mirror. (as you speed away to summer break 😉

But, not too fast! Put on the breaks! Take a minute to reflect on your year. Think about what successes you’ve had and make a plan to replicate them. Think about those areas you wish to improve and make them your mission for September. In fact, taking a little time to reflect now will ensure you are able to impact the next school year for the better. Try these two things to capture today, so that you may enhance tomorrow.

Make a List: Capture Your Success and Enhance Tomorrow

Make two columns. On one side, list all of the things that went well this school year. Maybe you built really strong relationships with your students this year. Maybe your students made significant gains in a certain area. Maybe you tried a new engagement strategy or management system that was really effective. Capture even the little things that you are proud of like, the organization of your classroom library, or the fact that you didn’t lose your bathroom pass (for the 3rd time). Think about your classroom culture and how that had an impact on your instruction.

Then turn your attention to the other side of the paper. Don’t see this side as a list of failures, see them as opportunities, see them as growth, see them as your new challenge.

Do It NOW: Capture it Today, You Won’t Remember Tomorrow

Guaranteed, without a doubt, you will not remember if you wait until Fall. You will forget all of the potential learning after a summer of poolside hangouts and barbeques. You will be fresh, but the memories of last year will have faded. Write the list now to remind and inspire you as you return to a new school year.

The list will inspire summer learning and planning. You can discuss your ideas with friends and colleagues (as you sit by the pool or at the barbeque). It will give you the summer to process, think, and get inspired to have the best school year of your life.

Capture your thoughts and experiences of today to enhance your tomorrow. Before you back out of the school parking lot with another school year behind you, look forward, you won’t regret it.

CLICK HERE to download a free template that outlines the end of year reflection exercise mentioned above. Fill it out yourself and share it with staff!


Sarah Hayden
Instructional Coach, TEEN TRUTH

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