We all want maximum exposure for our big school activities, but sometimes people just don’t show! How can we draw interest in our next event from parents and students who already have a full schedule? That answer is in stacking several small events to lead up to your main event.

Let’s imagine you have a “Kindness Rally” and it’s your main event.  We can increase attendance if, throughout the week, we stack five smaller events together to help get people aware of it.

Example: Kindness Rally – all events are connected to this theme.

  • Monday’s Event: Icebreaker contest – students greet other students they’ve never spoken to before.
  • Tuesday’s Event: Common Ground Game – students try to find common interests with as many other students as possible throughout the day!
  • Wednesday’s Small Event:  Compliment Contest – students exchange journals, writing anonymous compliments to their peers.
  • Thursday’s Small Event: Smile sign day – have your student leaders post signs around the school that compliment students as they pass by. For example, “Believe in yourself!” and “You are stronger than you know.”
  • Friday’s Small Event:  Secret password day – a handful of student leaders are given a (positive) secret password; the goal is to spread it across the school in time for the rally.
  • Friday Night Main Event: Kindness Rally

As awareness is raised, more and more students will attend! I’ve seen student leaders execute this system of stacking throughout entire school years, leading up to one giant event festivity.

You can do it!

Stephen Amundson
Activities Director, TEEN TRUTH

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