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Inspire with Student-Created Content

Infused with the very same student-created films that made us a leader in educational content, the TEEN TRUTH: School Assembly uses engaging storytelling, real-world examples, and audience participation to teach middle and high school students how to identify different forms of social-emotional pressures. TEEN TRUTH motivates students to be the difference on campus and in life.

Foster a Safe, Accepting School Culture

For nearly 20 years, the TEEN TRUTH: School Assembly has been heralded as the leading school culture assembly program. Impacting millions of students in 7,000+ schools worldwide, our amazing school assemblies:

  • Empower Student Voice
  • Build School Culture From the Inside Out
  • Create Safe and Connected School Campuses
  • Provide Students With the Skills to Improve Mental Health

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You guys changed my life. You came to our school, and you taught us things we probably will never forget.


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I have brought in many assemblies before, but not one has been as powerful as TEEN TRUTH!

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I was blown away by your presentation and I’m really amazed about the impact it had on me.


8th Grade Student


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TEEN TRUTH Guest Speakers for Students

Motivational guest speakers can help students in a variety of ways. They can inspire them to set goals, work hard and stay positive. A good speaker can also provide practical advice and tips on how to succeed in school and in life.

There are many different types of motivational speakers out there. Some focus on business success, others on personal development, and still others on specific topics like goal setting or SEL issues. No matter what their focus is, the best motivational speakers for students share some common qualities.

Motivational speakers can help students get excited about learning, setting goals, and staying on track. They are passionate about their message and truly believe in what they are saying. They are also excellent communicators with the ability to connect with their audience. They use stories and examples to illustrate their points, and they make complex concepts easy to understand.

If you are looking for a guest speaker for your school or organization, then look no further then TEEN TRUTH.

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How To Find The Best Motivational Speaker for Students?


When it comes to finding the best motivational speakers for students, there are many different factors to consider. The most important factor is the age of the students. For example, a motivational speaker for elementary students will have different techniques than a motivational speaker for high school students. Another important factor is the topic that the motivational speaker will be speaking on. Some guest speakers focus on success, while others focus on leadership or motivation. Choose a guest speaker who will best fit the needs of your students.

Regardless of the age of the students, the best motivational speakers for students will be those who are passionate about their message and truly believe in what they are saying. They should be able to connect with the students and help them see the importance of working hard and doing their best.

Why Are Guest Speakers Important?

There are many reasons why guest speakers are important. They can provide valuable insights and perspectives that you might not be able to find anywhere else. Guest speakers can also help to broaden your understanding of a topic, or offer new perspectives on familiar topics.

How To Find Guest Speakers?

Finding guest speakers can be a challenge, but there are a few ways to do it. You can search online directories, or contact professional organizations in your field. You can also ask around – colleagues, friends, and family members might know someone who would be perfect for the job.

middle school assemblies speaker JC pohl

What Questions Should I Ask Guest Speakers?

Once you’ve found a guest speaker, it’s important to prepare ahead of time. Make sure you know what topics they’ll be speaking about, and come up with questions that will help you get the most out of the experience. Most importantly, know the a guest speaker should be able to tailor their message for your students. Not every school is the same, so not every guest speaker presentation should be the same.. 

Strengthening your school’s culture isn’t hard. Sometimes all it takes is one great guest speaker who can move things in the right direction. Need guidance in hiring a great speaker for your school? Contact TEEN TRUTH today to start building your school’s culture!

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School Motivational Speakers

An experienced school motivational speaker can help students feel more positive about their day to day lives. In fact, after they attend an assembly, your kids will be more eager to come to school each day. TEEN TRUTH was started to help schools build school culture and empower students’ voices. TEEN TRUTH’s efforts start with the highly motivational TEEN TRUTH: School Assembly, which is supplemented with films, stories, and SEL activities designed to engage students and develop school culture. 

Having a motivational speaker at your school assembly doesn’t have to be boring. Each speaker has their own set of topics in which they specialize. One speaker might be focused on coping with mental illness and suicide prevention, while another might have their themes wrapped around the importance of student work ethic or leadership. It’s crucial to find a speaker that fits perfectly with the intended theme of your assembly so that they can deliver the specific messages that you need to convey. School assemblies are a great way to pull the student body together. This helps give messaging across campus that all students can hear. Upon building school culture a common message for all students to hear can be important.

Everything that TEEN TRUTH is doing to help schools is brought about through our team members, marketing partners, and clients. Our reach includes schools and conferences in all education-related arenas. In briefest terms, our goal is simple: to empower student voice in every aspect of education. And we have found that school assemblies are a great way to accomplish this goal!


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