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How often does a school assembly make the lasting impact that you truly need?

Middle & High School Assemblies

Strengthening your school’s culture shouldn’t be hard. Sometimes all it takes is one great speaker who can move things in the right direction. Looking to hire a great school assembly speaker?

Inspire with Student-Created Content

Infused with the very same student-created films that made us a leader in educational content, the TEEN TRUTH: School Assembly uses engaging storytelling, real-world examples, and audience participation to teach students how to identify different forms of social-emotional pressures. TEEN TRUTH motivates students to be the difference on campus and in life.

Foster a Safe, Accepting School Culture

For over 18 years, the TEEN TRUTH: School Assembly has been heralded as the leading anti-bully and school culture building program. Impacting millions of students in 8,000+ schools worldwide, our amazing school assemblies:

  • Empower Student Voice
  • Build School Culture From the Inside Out
  • Create Safe and Connected School Campuses
  • Provide Students With the Skills to Improve Mental Health

Custom Assembly Options

TEEN TRUTH can customize our presentation to your school or preferred topic. Choose between our “traditional” school assembly format and our “custom” school assembly format, where you can select from a wide variety of content.

Our honest, inspiring content covers issues like bullying, drug abuse, self-esteem, and family communication. We also feature real-life student stories about overcoming adversity, learning to accept self, coping with sexual differences, dealing with social media drama, and discovering the true meaning of leadership.

Why You Should Hire School Assembly Speakers

School assemblies play an integral role in building a school’s culture. It helps students, teachers, and even members of the administration develop a shared feeling of unity. A school assembly speaker can strengthen your student’s interest and enthusiasm for school. It can cultivate a positive learning environment that is suitable for student growth and development.

Regular assemblies are a platform for school leaders to lay out important information such as upcoming events, activities, announcements, or relevant school happenings. But, it’s important to remember that assemblies aren’t just all about keeping your school informed. Effective school assemblies should engage, excite, and motivate students.

TEEN TRUTH School Assembly JC Pohl

Why do Schools Have Assembly Speakers?

Holding routine assemblies can quickly become repetitive and boring. If you want to conduct an exciting and impactful assembly, enlist a professional school assembly speaker. Since one of the goals of having a school assembly is to increase student motivation, getting the help of an experienced school motivational speaker allows you to do just that.

Many schools report that in the following weeks and months after conducting an assembly with a professional speaker, students have displayed:

  • Significant performance increases in test scores and interest in participating in class, even for those previously struggling.
  • Increased display of important core values among students, which ultimately led to decreased cases of bullying and increased student self-esteem.
  • These shifts in attitude and behavior inevitably spilled down to improved student mental health and well-being.

Delivering Important Messages to Students

It’s never been more critical for students to hear inspiring and informative messages that relate to their current situation. If delivered the right way, these messages can help students effectively navigate not just school, but life outside the classroom.

Schools can lay the foundation for a student’s life and future. It’s important to make their experiences positive; school assemblies with guest speakers can provide a way to do just that. They allow you to share important messages with your students.

With the help of a professional youth speaker, you’ll be able to get your message across clearly and efficiently. A professional speaker is equipped with the necessary life experiences, knowledge, and communication skills to inspire your students, and provide them with the tools to create positive and empowering changes that will last.

Rejuvenate Your School’s Culture

When in school, kids are learning more than just academic skills. They’re also developing social and emotional skills that can help them become effective adults. A school’s culture has a significant impact on that learning environment. A positive culture can help students build their confidence, ignite their passion, build lasting friendships, and even uncover their unique set of gifts and talents. A student assembly done right can strengthen school culture and unity, with positive effects on student performance, both in and outside the classroom.

If you feel that the culture of your school is currently going downhill or has seen better days, it may be time to enlist someone who can reinvigorate the school’s environment. A school culture that is declining does the exact opposite. It promotes poor collaboration among the student body. An assembly led by TEEN TRUTH can positively influence your students and will improve your school’s culture.

Jared Scott School Assembly TEEN TRUTH

Finding The Right Presenter For Your School Assemblies

Knowing the benefits that a speaking event can bring for your students, you may have already decided to hire a presenter for your next school assembly. To successfully deliver a message that your students need to hear, you must find the right speaker that can communicate it effectively. As you do your research, you may have noticed that there are many speakers out there. While many of them have a great reputation, not all speakers offer the same message. Each speaker has their own experiences, specialties, skills, and approaches. Despite their differences, there are certain qualities that you need to look out for when trying to find the right one for your school.

Ability To Connect With Students

Creating a personal connection with your students is vital when trying to influence their behavior. Motivational youth speakers should have the ability to establish connections so that their messages are delivered successfully. Someone who can connect to students always makes their presentation personal, and they don’t hesitate to make the audience laugh. These actions can create a strong bond with the audience, even during that short period, making the students more conducive to hearing what the speaker has to say.

Speaking Topic & Qualification Of The School Assembly Speaker

When it comes to professional speaking, there isn’t any cut-and-dried qualification process. Though related degrees and training certainly provide an edge, what matters the most in terms of gaining traction with students is the speaker’s background and story. Many successful motivational youth speakers today have had a very challenging and intriguing life story. Usually, their story involves overcoming great odds. Life experience plays a significant role in becoming a successful speaker and can even weigh more than any degree or credentials.

Each speaker has their own set of topics in which they specialize. One speaker might be focused on coping with mental illness and suicide prevention, while another might have their themes wrapped around the importance of student work ethic. It’s crucial to find a speaker that fits perfectly with the intended theme of your assembly so that they can deliver the specific messages that you need to convey.

Testimonials and Reviews

There are a lot of speakers in today’s market, so it’s important to take the time to do your research. Testimonials and reviews provide a way for you to measure how successful a speaker can be for your particular event. It lets you know how they’ve handled their past events, to see if they can create the same experience for your school.

TEEN TRUTH school assembly anti bully speaker

Benefits of Having School Assemblies

School assemblies are more than just gatherings for announcements; they can be an influential and powerful event that inspires unity and camaraderie amongst the students.

Assemblies also provide a way for you to instill important values that can help young minds grow and develop essential life skills that can be used outside the classroom. It allows you to teach important values such as accountability, responsibility, leadership, and discipline. Young people are susceptible to positive influence, especially from a well-run assembly. It’s only appropriate to take that time to help them in becoming better students, equipped with the right values and skills that they can carry onwards.

Assembly Speakers Help Enrich Your Students’ Experience

As a school leader, it’s vital to personally make sure that the time spent at school makes an impactful change in their lives. When it comes to connecting with your students and teaching them the necessary skills, nothing is more effective than getting a school speaker who knows how to get it done.

Strengthening your school’s culture shouldn’t be hard. Sometimes all it takes is one great speaker who can move things in the right direction. Need guidance in hiring a great assembly speaker for your school? Contact TEEN TRUTH today to start building your school’s culture!

School Assemblies Should Leave a Lasting Impression

TEEN TRUTH’s school assemblies are designed to stop bullying, teen suicide, and social-emotional issues in their tracks. Skip the magicians, comedians, and motivational speakers and book a trusted school assembly that will build your school culture and empower student voice.

You guys changed my life. You came to our school, and you taught us things we probably will never forget.


10th Grade Student

I have brought in many assemblies before, but not one has been as powerful as TEEN TRUTH!

Vance Morris

School Principal

I was blown away by your presentation and I’m really amazed about the impact it had on me.


8th Grade Student


“TEEN TRUTH came to my school a month ago and tonight a good friend of mine tried to commit suicide. I managed to talk him out of it, but what kept me from not completely falling apart was your school assembly. Thank you TEEN TRUTH!”

9th Grade Student

Caprock High School


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