50% Off Your Guide to Building Campus Relationships

Relationships are the secret sauce to building strong school culture. Without solid relationships, a campus will lack connection and direction.

My dad taught 6th grade for 38 years. During his career he would have seasons of awesome connections on campus with great teachers and admins. Throughout those times, he would be fired up to teach and participate in campus culture. But other seasons fell flat. Everything was off, and his energy and inspiration disappeared.

If you’ve felt that way too, then you’re not alone. Bad campus relationships make staff and students feel unappreciated, disrespected, and unsupported.

My new book, Building Campus Relationships From the Inside Out, outlines a plan to stop this from happening on your campus. It provides a look at relationship roadblocks and gives specific directions to help you build a campus culture where everyone feels connected.

Valerie Pope, Assistant Principal at Weatherford High had this to say:

“As a campus leader, I am always looking for ways to improve school culture. JC offers practical advice that will help faculty and staff take ownership of their roles on campus. His new book contains the perfect blueprint for creating a positive, supportive, and collegial culture that will benefit students as well as staff.”

I want you and your staff to have the same outcomes, so I am offering you a 50% discount on the book. To receive your discount, simply go to teentruth.net/shop and order Building Campus Relationships From the Inside Out using promo code: relationships

No matter the situation this fall let’s be prepared to build amazing campus relationships. As we saw in March, if everything goes sideways again, they might be the only thing you have left.

President & CEO, TEEN TRUTH

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