On April 14, 2016 TEEN TRUTH’s JC Pohl will be hosting a TT: DIFFERENCE MAKER SUMMIT at Harris County Department of Education Center for Safe and Secure Schools.  The event will feature student created content from TEEN TRUTH, as well as thought provoking activities geared to stimulate insight around school culture development.  Geared for administrators and educators across the county each attendee will be provided the opportunity to better understand critical issues on campus and determine what types of activities can be used to alleviate said issues.

To register for the event contact the HCDE Center for Safe and Secure Schools or email TEEN TRUTH at info @ teentruth.net.

The event will take place from 1pm – 4pm on 4.14.16.  Comfortable clothing is suggested.

Additional event info:

After over 10 years inspiring change, the TEEN TRUTH: DIFFERENCE MAKER SUMMIT has become the premiere solution for leadership development in schools, districts, and cities across North America. Featuring award-winning content, powerful live performances, and workshop- style sessions, this leadership event gives students a critical understanding of the issues currently affecting school climate. The program empowers the student body to develop a plan of action that addresses specific, identified concerns. Overall, the goal of every TT: DM SUMMIT is to produce campus wide initiatives that will improve school safety and build campus culture.

Designed to be a 3-hour experience, the TT: DM SUMMIT features TT’s trademark award-winning content, which works to redefine leadership and teach important skills such as:

  • Developing a greater understanding of what it means to be a leader
  • Brainstorming critical campus issues that are negatively affecting school culture
  • Planning tangible solutions that can be implemented on campus
  • Creating a year long activity calendar that focuses on connecting the student body
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