The Weather Outside Might be Frightful, but the Fire in You Can Still be Delightful: Keeping Teachers Going Through the Stress of the Season

This change in season is often coupled with anxiety and stress in the field of education. Winter break is right around the corner and with that comes grading, conferences, and that sinking feeling we get when we realize there’s so much content to cover before students leave on vacation.

With the stress of the season, how can we maintain positive school culture and not burn out professionally? A popular teacher quote says, “A Teacher ignites the fire that fuels a student’s thirst for knowledge, curiosity and wisdom,” but what about the teacher’s fire? What fuels them and keeps them going during those long winter days when there are so many boxes on our to do list that need to be checked?

As teachers, and those who support teachers, let’s not forget the power of moments. This season is magical.

“As educators we must take the time to fuel our fire, our passion for teaching by taking time to experience the great things that are happening during this time.”

Live in the Moment

There will always be another thing. There will always be something more to do (especially during this time of year). When we are so occupied in what is coming, or what we have to do next, we miss what is happening in the moment. Often times, when we focus on the present moment, we are able to see the wonderful things happening right in front of our eyes. Take a moment (or two) and recognize what is happening to fuel your fire and keep you going.

You Cannot See if You are Not Looking: Notice Progress

At this time in the year, school and classroom procedures are in place and you are beginning to build staff and student relationships. Often times our heads are down and we continue to push ahead. We really notice those bumps in the road, or the few students still struggling. This practice forces us to keep moving forward, however there is power in noticing the progress we have made during the year. Unfortunately, if you are not looking for it, you won’t see it. So take a step back and let the progress you have made fuel your fire for teaching and keep you warm during the cold days.

Make a Memory

With the hectic times ahead, plan something meaningful, make a memory and remember the happiness on their faces. Draw upon this memory.

Teach with Fire. Let these moments fuel your passion and let them carry you through on those inevitable days when things do not go according to plan. Fill your memory with warm moments not just now, but in the new year as well and share your warmth with others.

How can you live in the moment, notice progress and make memories? CLICK HERE for a series of activities you can organize for your staff to help keep that fire for teaching warm during the winter months.

Sarah Hayden
Instructional Coach, TEEN TRUTH

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