How to Produce Engaging Content for Remote Learners

Not sure if you saw it, but we recently had a member of our School Admin Group on Facebook (CLICK HERE to request access) post the following question:

“Our teachers are concerned about students that have not been showing up to class. Some are not even responding to emails or phone calls. What can we do to make sure those students are being re-engaged in remote learning?”

One thought occurred to me almost instantly… COVID has changed everything, we need to realize that we are in the content creation business now and just like a great HBO show, amazing content will always attract a loyal audience.

Luckily, that is my background as a producer and content creator for companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and ESPN. So, I wanted to break down the process that we use to create our content. It is the exact same template our team implemented for the TEEN TRUTH series, which as you may know, won countless awards and has reached millions of students in 7,000+ schools around the world.

You can watch the 20-minute video below. Please feel free to share with any teachers who might benefit.

P.S. Students and staff have been super engaged in our virtual leadership summits and PD workshops. If you want to learn more visit and book your virtual or on-campus program today!

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