The Most Powerful School Culture Idea Ever!

As educational leaders, we are always looking for that edge – that special concept that can turn the tides on school culture and tip our schools toward success. We research about other schools for the best ideas, we interview the best folks in the field, and we check out Facebook groups to learn from peers.

And every now and then, we find a killer idea that could change everything.

Enter TEEN TRUTH’s school counselor, Penny Knight. She is about to flip your school culture upside down!

Penny and I are friends on Facebook. Last month she wrote a post on how her school sent her out to visit students in their homes to start the year. BOOM! A light bulb went off. I messaged, “Penny, I need to know…What did you do?

She got back to me with literally the most powerful school culture idea I have ever heard. I instantly knew she had struck gold, and was thrilled when she created a blog post outlining everything she did. 

CLICK HERE to read her blog about it, DOWNLOAD her activity sheet, and implement this idea at your school!

Penny’s school did this as a back to school event, but you can do it during the holidays, at the start of the spring semester, or even during the school year. 

It is a truly awesome idea to instantly connect your community to your school. Your teachers will love it. Your parents will love it. Your students will love it.

But don’t just take my word for it, CLICK HERE and read the blog now!

P.S. I mentioned the power of school admin groups on Facebook earlier. They are great places to find those amazing ideas. CLICK HERE to join our school admin group and start gaining that additional insight from 2,000+ educational leaders today!

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