Recently the TEEN TRUTH: Assembly Experience was evaluated with an independent student survey that was conducted at Marshall Middle School in San Diego, CA on 10.29.15.  The influential anti-bullying assembly presented by TEEN TRUTH’s co-founder, JC Pohl, was attended by all sixth graders on campus.  The results from this evaluation prove first hand that the impact of TEEN TRUTH’s message is just as potent today as it was when we first released our film in 2006.

The opinions collected from 463 students demonstrated that 88% realized after seeing the presentation that bullying is more serious than they had previously thought, and 59% of students are now more willing to stand up to bullies on their campus. Most importantly, out of all the students surveyed at Marshall Middle School, a whopping 74% said that they are more willing to report bullying to adults on campus after seeing this presentation.

One student had this to say, “I feel like this speech was the most impacting speech I have ever heard in MY ENTIRE LIFE!  Thank you so much JC for letting me hear that.  Trust me, I will make the biggest impact on the school…in a good way.”  Another student said, “This assembly was more serious and easier to relate to than any other anti-bullying assembly.  It opened me to a new level of bullying and the results of it.”

JC Pohl, TEEN TRUTH’s Executive Producer, stated that, “We have presented our anti-bully assembly at Marshall for 6 years in a row now, and it is always so amazing to see the students realize the power of their voice and their ability to make a difference on campus.  I am so thankful for the admin team and teachers at Marshall for their continued support of our movement.”

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