Need school funding? This idea can help!

You are no stranger to budget cuts and financial constraints.

You have bootstrapped programs together. Made random grants work. Or simply sold your soul to do what it takes to build school culture.

But this year is a year unlike any other. One school counseling client told me:

“It has been CRAZY. They cut each site budget by 25%, so we have zero funding. We don’t even have paper!”

And then another well respected principal emailed:

“Our budget numbers are so incredibly low, I’m hoping I can buy paper if the students return in person.”

Can you believe it has gotten this crazy???

I have been a warrior for school culture for the past 15 years and it hurts my heart to see so many amazing schools, educators, and students suffering in ways that most of us could never have imagined.

I want to do something about it… I want to help!

This month TEEN TRUTH signed a new partnership with School Funding Group. They provide virtual fundraisers to schools and organizations across the country.

We did this because SFG’s virtual fundraisers:

+ Won’t cost your school a dime

+ Provide awesome benefits to your donors and your students

+ And best of all, they return 70% of all money raised back to you!

It’s basically like a tricked-out website for the sports, clubs, and other activities that bring your school culture to life.

I have personally seen their technology raise $1,000’s of dollars for schools, and now TEEN TRUTH has full access to this opportunity!

I know our assemblies, summits, and PD workshops have helped to build school culture, but this new partnership literally changes the game.

Visit or email me back and let me know if you have 10-minutes to jump on a quick Zoom. I can show you SFG’s platform and how it can benefit your school!

Things just went from CRAZY to AMAZING!!!

President & CEO, TEEN TRUTH

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