Serving as a founder at TEEN TRUTH and RISING UP has allowed me to work in many different facets of teen life and school culture development.  Through this work I have quickly learned that PARENTS & FAMILY COMMUNICATION can be a key factor in any adolescent’s effort to build a safe and happy life.

As many of you in education know, bullying, drugs, and body image are all just symptoms of a greater problem… the lack of connection that a student can feel at home.  As a producer and speaker, I have seen the pain and struggle that many students deal with on a daily basis, but as a marriage and family therapist I have experienced the success that can come from a family unit that is working effectively and supportively.

Given this important issue, I am honored to announce that the 4th film in the award-winning TEEN TRUTH film series, TEEN TRUTH: PARENTS & FAMILY COMMUNICATION, is now available at and  Featuring interviews from students, parents and psychologists, the film provides critical insight and tips on how to strengthen relationships, improve communication and cope with the evolving and frequently precarious relationship between a parent and teenager.

If you do not have the time to read a book on parenting, you need to take fifteen minutes to watch this film.  It can be a great resource to use on campus, as well as with students, parents, and other educators.


JC Pohl

Executive Producer, TEEN TRUTH/RISING UP

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