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We all know that great school culture begins with a great school principal, but student leaders are often the magic pixy dust that helps to build that school culture from the inside out. This is why TEEN TRUTH expanded its highly successful leadership summit program into the PRINCIPAL’S COUNCIL ON SCHOOL CULTURE. This group of 15 – 30 handpicked student leaders are directly connected to their school principal through a series of monthly meetings and TEEN TRUTH leadership summits.

What is a Principal’s Council on School Culture?

TEEN TRUTH will host a series of leadership summits during the school year. Summit #1 is an event focused on pulling your council together and empowering them to come up with solutions to address some of the top social-emotional issues on campus. Summit #2 is a follow up workshop hosted 1 – 3 months later and is focused on each individual student leader — asking how they can personally make a difference on your campus. Lastly, Summit #3 offered 1 – 3 months after Summit #2 recaps the progress the council has made during the year, and challenges them to come up with a service project that can support campus culture.

What is the Principal’s Involvement?

In-between each TEEN TRUTH visit you will meet with your council once a month as a way to invest in and build relationships with them. These monthly meetings could be as simple as pizza with the principal, bringing in a local politician to discuss community leadership, or hosting a brainstorming session on a school issue of your choice. In an effort to help, TEEN TRUTH has developed a list of 23 ideas to guide these meetings and support you as you build your PRINCIPAL’S COUNCIL ON SCHOOL CULTURE.

What is the TEEN TRUTH Leadership Summit?

With nearly 20 years experience behind it, the TEEN TRUTH: Leadership Summit has become the premiere solution for school culture development in schools, districts, and cities across North America. Featuring award-winning content, powerful speaking performances, and workshop-style sessions this student-centered event gives teens a critical understanding of the issues currently affecting school climate and empowers them to develop an action plan that addresses identified concerns. Overall, the goal of every TEEN TRUTH: Leadership Summit is to produce campus wide initiatives that will improve school safety and build campus culture.

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“Working with my council has not only helped me to improve my school culture, but also helped take my student leadership program to new heights.”

Vince Ferry

Principal, Castaic High School

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