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Regardless of how closely their actual figure resembles their perception, teenagers’ body images can affect their self-esteem, eating and exercise habits, relationships, and ultimately their health. Using the TEEN TRUTH series’ award winning student-shot style, TEEN TRUTH: BODY IMAGE presents real youths, parents, physicians, physiologists, and an entertainment professional discussing how society can shape one’s body image and ultimately lead to dangerous habits. Teasing and exclusion led Emily to develop an eating disorder and Kayla to binge eat her way to obesity, while Nolan’s desire to be bigger and stronger ended in health hazards due to performance enhancing drug use. In the end, this affecting film challenges viewers to think differently about how they see themselves and others, and empowers them to find true strength and beauty from within.

This film has been funded in part by Hopewell Eating Disorder Support Center, The Kristen Watt Foundation, The Taylor Hooton Foundation, and The Efrain Anthony Marrero Foundation. Proceeds from your purchase will go to help these non -profit organizations in their fight against eating disorders and steroid abuse.

This package includes a 35-page teachers resource PDF complete with exercises.

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Runtime: 22 minutes


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