“Don’t do for students what they can do for themselves.”

This philosophy was taught to me by one of my mentors, the great Kathleen Bethke, a wonderful educator and veteran after-school professional. Each time I’ve applied it, I’ve seen students grow in profound ways.

So why not let your students build your school culture for you?

In my book, “Building School Culture From the Inside Out,” I explain how your message, your activities, and your people can drive school culture. Unfortunately, with the internet, cell phones, and rigorous academic goals, it can be hard to really connect.

One way to get students connected immediately, is to put them into peer-to-peer relationships. Student councils, clubs, and sports programs have done this for years. But not every student on your campus fits into those strictly-defined leadership categories.

Many of these students could be the heartbeat of your campus, but they are sometimes marginalized by other more established leadership programs.

The RISING UP: Coaching Program was formulated to change this equation. We can turn your C+ student into a B+ student. We can take that kid who is always in trouble, and turn her into a leader. How? By not doing for students what they can do for themselves!

In our program students become teachers. Relationships become central. And culture is built by giving older and younger students a powerful way to connect.

If you want to learn how to bring this proven program to your campus, consider attending our Trainer Certification Course this June. It will take place in beautiful Austin, TX, and can save you a ton of money on programming costs, while giving you a proven curriculum that is guaranteed to build your school culture from the inside out.

To register please visit risingupcoaching.com/trainercertification

Seating is limited. Only 20 seats are open for this event!

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