Here we are in 2021 and I’m pumped. I think this will be our best year yet!

I know that you are already a Culture Warrior for your school. But, I want to offer you a powerful New Year’s Journal Activity to help make you even better!


Write a few pages of KEY bullet point highlights from the year in review. It is important to acknowledge where we come from each year and appreciate all of the things we did and accomplished.


Write down in more of a paragraph narrative how you are FEELING about your goals, accomplishments, life, and family at the end of 2020. Make sure to write down whatever comes to mind with no particular format. Let the thoughts flow through your pen and don’t hold back.

#3 – BUILD

Write down whatever comes to mind when it comes to your GOALS for 2021. You may jump around from family goals to career goals and the key is to get all of the goals out of your mind and down on paper. The idea behind this step is to organize a 2021 Life Plan that encompasses all areas of your life.


Write out at least 5 behaviors that MUST change in order to hit your 2021 goals.

#5 – MOVE

Get away to a DIFFERENT environment to perform this activity. Go to a hotel, a park, a library, someplace that is not your office or home. I have found that Starbucks with some headphones on is a great place to lock in on this activity. 


If you want to go deeper and learn the 6th and final step to this activity. Listen to episode #29 of Building America From the Inside Out. In this episode I give you the final step to pull everything together into ONE powerful word that you can use to guide you through out the entire year. CLICK HERE to listen to search for the pod anywhere you get your podcasts.

I have been doing this activity since 2015 and it has literally helped me change TEEN TRUTH for the better.

I appreciate all your hard work in 2020 and I know that your school culture work in 2021 will be even more valuable.


President & CEO, TEEN TRUTH

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