The class of 2021 is hurting… This idea can help!

If the class of 2020 felt side-swiped, the class of 2021 probably feels royally screwed over!

I have heard it on virtual summit after virtual summit…

“It’s not fair.”

“I can’t get motivated.”

“I miss school.”

“I miss my friends!”

COVID has affected all of us, but my heart hurts the most for the class of 2021. My 8th grade year graduating junior high and my Senior year graduating high school were two of the best in my life. I am so bummed that our students aren’t able to experience all the normal fun of growing up, going to end of the year dances, and celebrating graduation festivities.

And that’s why I got with our #1 Mental Health Speaker, Caleb Campbell, and told him that we need to do something about it.

You see, like our graduating class, Caleb has felt screwed over before too!

After a college football career at West Point full of accolades and awards, Caleb made history when he was selected by the Detroit Lions in the NFL Draft. Despite living out his childhood dream, this accomplishment didn’t come with out several setbacks. From getting drafted to the NFL and not being allowed to play, to fighting to get back on the field only to be plagued by unhealed emotional trauma. Caleb’s life isn’t that different than the class of 2021’s. Which is why we are honored to announce TEEN TRUTH’s new virtual retreat for seniors and 8th graders struggling with negative feelings during their graduation year.

This interactive experience will inspire the Class of 2021 to find what they love, connect deeper with friends, and refocus as they prepare for their next steps after COVID.

CLICK HERE or visit to learn more about this healing and inspirational experience with Caleb.

When hard times hit, you can always count on TEEN TRUTH to find new and innovative ways to help you build school culture and empower student voice!


President & CEO, TEEN TRUTH

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