Have you set your intention for this school year?

Seems like our world is at a fevered pitch right now. School board meetings are erupting. Students are working hard to get back to normal. And teachers are doing everything they can to push forward.

Between COVID, constant demand, and a fast paced life, it’s no wonder teachers sometimes get burned out.

But on the flip side, there are teachers who never burn out, who manage to come in day after day with a positive attitude and a loving heart. Whenever I meet a teacher like that, I ask them how they do it.

Most of them tell me about self care, good sleep, healthy living – one even told me that her secret was scheduling a massage for the last day of the semester – but all of them had a single, shared quality that I think made the difference and has set them up for success.

All of them set intentions.

It’s easy to let the daily tide push and pull you all over the place, but setting intentions can help us steer our ship in even the most harrowing storms. In fact, one of my own personal exercises before I walk into a school to host a school assembly is to set my intentions for that school. I shift myself into a mindset of, “I’m going to go into this school, I’m going to be kind to everyone, I’m going to stay in the moment, and I’m going to help as best as I can.”

As an entrepreneur I have had to bring this strategy into every aspect of my life.

The best part about setting your intention, is that you can do it anytime, anywhere, in any situation.

So let me ask you directly: As you start this school year… What is your intention?

Email me at jc @ teen truth.net and let me know!

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