So far this has been a great year for us here at TEEN TRUTH. We’ve been helping more schools than ever, and the response we’ve been getting from both faculty and students is incredible! As all of us bounce back from the pandemic, I’ve noticed a common theme among the schools that are managing to change their trajectory for the better: they remain steadfast for as long as it takes.

Sometimes the difference between success and failure is simply holding to your plan. Even in the best schools, you will face moments of doubt and uncertainty. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal to face moments when you’re not sure if you can carry on. We all feel that way sometimes, especially given how mentally and emotionally exhausting education can be.

I’ve come to find that those moments of doubt come right before huge breakthroughs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve experienced a long, dark night of the soul that was greeted by triumphant success shortly thereafter. I’ve come to see those moments as if they were my deepest emotions asking me, “Do you really want this?”

That question is answered by either pushing forward with a yes, or letting go with a no.

Sometimes no is the best answer. Sometimes a plan just isn’t working and it’s time to take a step back, take a deep breath, and try a different approach.

But so often I see folks mistaking that struggle and doubt – that moment of questioning – as an answer in itself. In those moments, I’d recommend you let yourself experience those feelings completely, but then remember that it is up to you to decide. If the plan is good and you decide to remain steadfast and hold the line, then get excited, because that means you’re probably closer to success than you think.

Finally, let me tell you, I know times have been tough, but you are absolutely having an impact. All across America as we visit schools, we see teachers and administrators picking up more and more wins. As you hold the line on your plans, remember to acknowledge and celebrate your wins! If you have a student open up to you about a problem they’re facing, that is a win. If a C student gets a B, that’s a win. If you find yourself laughing with your coworkers in the faculty lounge, you better believe that’s a win too.

I see all of you out there scooping up those wins, and I hope you see them too. Remain steadfast, because your momentum is growing.

President & CEO, TEEN TRUTH

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