Texas school counselors are outnumbered 500 students to one counselor. 
Where I grew up in California, the ratio is 900 to one.

Your school probably faces the same challenge, which is overwhelming by itself. But when you add the…

Social-emotional issues
Career readiness efforts
Academic guidance work

…and that endless list of “oh, by the way” tasks that school counselors face, it turns into a nightmare!

At TEEN TRUTH, we know overcoming these obstacles will require innovative, and experienced professionals.

That’s why we’ve hired our very own school counselor, Stephanie Lerner, to create a blog highlighting her best practices for uniting counselors, educators, and administrators into a combined effort to build strong school culture and student resilience. She is here to guide and inspire you as we build stronger counseling programs across our family of schools.

Stephanie taught middle and elementary school for 8 years with the Howard County Public School System. In 2002, she joined the Peace Corps as a teacher trainer, and for the last 9 years she’s been working as a school counselor in the Texas public school system just outside of Austin, TX.

She knows that the beginning of your year blasts off like a rocket, so her first TEEN TRUTH blog is geared to help you make it a smooth launch!

Click here to read Stephanie’s “7 Back to School Tips for Counselors” blog.

Also, click here for a FREE guidance lesson on how to introduce your school counseling program to your students. In it, Stephanie shares some great advice on connecting with your students – a crucial first step in launching a powerful counseling program!

We are elated to have Stephanie on board and hope that you find the information helpful.

You don’t have to face the new year alone – we’re here to help! You can share your burden with us by booking our school assembly, leadership summit, or SEL curriculum at your campus. 

We will be at the following locations this fall and would love to reach your students as well:

8/9/17 Granite Bay High School – Granite Bay, CA
8/14/17 Colony High School – Chaffey JUHSD
8/14/17 Montclair High School – Chaffey JUHSD
8/15/17 Los Osos High School – Chaffey JUHSD
8/15/17 Alta Loma High School – Chaffey JUHSD
8/15/17 Valley View High School – Chaffey JUHSD
8/16/17 Ontario High School – Chaffey JUHSD
8/16/17 Chaffey High School – Chaffey JUHSD
8/16/17 Castillero Middle School – San Jose, CA
8/16/17 Brett Harte Middle School – San Jose, CA
8/17/17 Rancho Cucamonga – Chaffey JUHSD
8/17/17 Etiwanda High School – Chaffey JUHSD
8/21/17 Clovis East High School – Clovis, CA
8/23/17 Cedar Middle School – Hesperia, CA
8/24/17 Creekside Middle – Patterson, CA
8/24/17 Alpine Unified – Alpine, CA
8/28/17 Castaic Middle School – Castaic, CA
8/29/17 Ustach Middle School – Modesto, CA
8/30/17 Rocklin High School – Rocklin, CA
8/30/17 Duarte High School – Duarte, CA
9/1/17 Alpine Middle School – Alpine, CA
9/5/17 Madera South High – Madera, CA
9/6/17 Goliad High School – Goliad, TX
9/7/17 Sherman High School – Sherman, TX
9/13/17 Archer City ISD – Archer City, TX
9/14/17 Burkburnett Middle School – Burkburnett, TX
9/21/17 Longfields‐Davidson Heights – Nepean, ON
9/24/17 TASC Advisors Conference – San Marcos, TX
10/3/17 Sterling High School – Somerdale, NJ
10/4/17 Colony Middle School – Palmer, AK
10/4/17 Marlboro Middle School – Marlboro, NJ
10/5/17 Marlboro Memorial Middle School – Marlboro, NJ
10/5/17 Lifetouch Leadership Summit – Palmer, AK
10/6/17 Burlington County Institute of Technology – Medford, NJ
10/8/17 Harry Barovsky Memorial Youth Commission – Malibu, CA
10/12/17 Chaffey JUHSD – Ontario, CA
10/13/17 La Mesa Jr. High – Santa Clarita, CA
10/17/17 Las Colinas Middle – Camarillo, CA
10/19/17 Marshall Middle School – San Diego, CA
10/24/17 Mojave High School – Hesperia, CA
11/5/17 LSSSCA – Frisco, TX
11/6/17 LSSSCA – Frisco, TX
11/7/17 LSSSCA – Frisco, TX
11/16/17 John Muir Middle School – Burbank, CA
11/16/17 Islip High School – Islip, NY
11/17/17 Avon Grove Charter School – West Grove, PA


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