For over 10 years TEEN TRUTH has been the premiere destination for school culture related content. We have produced award-winning student shot films, we have created assemblies and leadership programs that have inspired millions to be the difference, and we are ecstatic to be working with Jared Scott to help students find hope!

“TEEN TRUTH’s movement is stronger than it has ever been, and we are honored to have Jared Scott’s inspiring mission as part of our speaking tour,” said JC Pohl, CEO of TEEN TRUTH.  Working to become a hip-hop artist since the age of 7, Scott has become a positive force in an industry that is plagued with negative behavior and anti-establishment messaging.  His song “Life Lessons” has quickly become a catalyst for students to find hope and his youthful voice has become a beacon to teens that face problems and challenges every day.

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We are proud to have Jared Scott on our roster of speakers as we continue our work to empower student voice in schools and communities around the world.  Scott had this to say about our partnership, “I’m beyond excited to be a part of TEEN TRUTH. I’ve personally seen what it has done in so many students’ lives across the country, as it motivates students to find their voice and to be the difference. My message is about spreading hope and loving one another.  I’ve always felt like it goes hand in hand with TEEN TRUTH and together we could make an huge impact.”

After a recent TEEN TRUTH performance Victor Garnica, longtime TEEN TRUTH client and Assistant Principal at Montclair High School, had this to say, “Jared is a very talented young man. More importantly, his genuine care and connection with students after his performance really made the experience real and authentic. His involvement in the TEEN TRUTH assembly made it even better!”

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If you would like to experience this impact first hand please contact TEEN TRUTH today!  Not only will Jared be performing our TEEN TRUTH: Assembly Experience program, but he will also be including his powerful “Life Lessons” song in his performance.  “Our core mission is to give students a voice, whether it be through film, leadership, sports, math, science, or anything else on campus.  It will be so amazing for Jared to share his voice with our audience as he inspires students with a song that he wrote when he was just 16 years old,” states Pohl. We are honored to featured Jared in our efforts to combat bullying and build school culture.

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