The Best Ways to Create Student Resilience

Student resilience often feels like that elusive white whale we’re all chasing. We want students to handle adversity and overcome hardship, but it seems like the seas are always choppy as we work to coach them towards this ever important destination.

What if there was a guide to navigate those previously uncharted seas? A guide that could help us build resilient students? A workable outline of 5 simple ways to create self-efficacy?

I’m proud announce my new book Building Resilient Students From the Inside Out, which accomplishes just that.

For over a year Ryan McKernan and I have charted this issue. That investigation has led us to 5 proven ways that you can build resilience in your students.

Whether it is helping students to realize that they are not alone in the negative feelings/thoughts they may be experiencing, or helping them find their one charismatic adult on campus, these actionable steps will help you cultivate a culture that breeds resilient students.

You can find the new book on Amazon or CLICK HERE to purchase a copy of the book directly from TEEN TRUTH. Use the promo code RESILIENT to save 25% off your order at

Want to go even deeper into your efforts to build resilient students? CLICK HERE to read a free blog and lesson plan from Sarah Hayden. In it, she offers six very simple ways that you can help your teachers foster resiliency on campus.

P.S. Our spring semester dates are booking up fast. If you want to bring our school assembly, leadership summit, or teacher trainings to campus please contact us now!

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