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I was recently asked by Lifetouch to keynote the South Carolina AMLE Conference and I had an amazing time working with nearly 1,000 inspirational educators from across the state.

After the session I had an insightful conversation with a principal. He told me that, before he experienced TEEN TRUTH, when he had a “good” day at school (i.e. no fights, bully issues, or random middle school craziness) he used to feel like that day was “successful”. But after our keynote he is rethinking those days.
He reflected that even though times might be quiet, teenagers, especially adolescents in middle school, tend to hide the way they feel because of pressures at school or at home that actually stop them from telling their truth.
The take-a-way from this conversation is to remember that even though students or schools might look good on the outside, there might still be turmoil and struggle lurking on the inside. As a counselor and speaker, I have found that it is important to be vulnerable and open with students. This allows them opportunities to connect around common pressures with caring adults who are willing to listen.
Our focus at TEEN TRUTH is to empower student voice, but that can’t be done unless we as adults are willing to connect truthfully and honestly with students. It is these underlying personal connections that are most important when working to build school culture on campus.
So keep up the fight! Work as hard as you can to develop strong school culture, but never forget, even on the “good” days there are still students on your campus who may need attention.
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