The Ultimate Guide to School Conflict Resolution

As I travel the country, I continue to hear how COVID has affected our students, staff, and parents.They are hurting, we are hurting, and our schools are hurting.

What is the old saying? “Hurt people, hurt people.”

Conflict is on the rise. Whether it is staff to staff, student to student, or staff to student, our people are struggling.

I know as a school leader you care deeply about the happiness of your students, staff and parents. This is why I created The Ultimate Guide to School Conflict Resolution. A completely free resource for you to use and share with leaders on your campus.

We address it all:

  • Teacher to student conflict
  • Teacher to teacher conflict
  • Teacher to administration conflict
  • Teacher to parent conflict
  • Teacher to staff conflict
  • Student to student conflict

Hurt people do hurt people but you and I are the ones that can help. CLICK HERE to view and share the guide.

Let me know if you have questions or concerns. Be it with school assemblies, leadership summits, or professional development workshops our team is ready and willing to assist.

President & CEO, TEEN TRUTH

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