The class of 2021 is hurting… This idea can help!

Do you feel that your students and staff need a little hope right now?

That is why I sat down to interview Vincent A. Lanci. He, just like your students during COVID, got side swiped unexpectedly. No. Literally. He did!!!

Vincent was the victim of a hit and run accident during his final semester of college. He suffered severe injuries, including a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and was told he would never walk or function normally again.

Overcoming all odds, Vincent has pushed through to not only recover from his accident, but exceed the expectations of his doctors.

His story illustrates true perseverance, and also highlights an underlying message about the importance of our mental health during times of adversity.

???? Maybe your students are seniors or 8th graders feeling cheated out of their graduating year.

???? Maybe they are 6th graders or freshmen, feeling disconnected from a new campus they have never visited.

???? Or maybe they are just teenagers dealing with the frustration and lack of engagement that comes with remote and hybrid learning models.

No matter who they are, I think they can learn from Vincent’s story.

CLICK BELOW to watch the short 16-minute interview that I hosted with him.

I hope that Vincent’s story can inspire your students and staff to keep pushing through these final months of a challenging school year. 

President & CEO, TEEN TRUTH

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