Want to Build Campus Relationships this Fall?

COVID has turned your world upside down, social justice movements are sweeping the country, and life is much different for you, your students, and your fellow staff members.

Question: How are you going to build campus relationships during these important times?

TEEN TRUTH is happy to help.  We’ve written our most valuable book yet, and we’re honored to release it to you NEXT WEEK!

Building Campus Relationships From the Inside Out is based on my work as an LMFT and outlines the core relational needs that I believe are the building blocks of any healthy relationship.

Whether your campus is surviving through virtual instruction, attempting a hybrid model, or back to the traditional campus model, this book provides a template to build rock-solid campus relationships in uncertain times.

Check out what Terry Hamm, the Director for the Texas Association Student Councils had to say about the book:

“The struggle is real, and no matter how much most of us insist, we are not all ‘fine.’  If we do not meet our own relational needs, we cannot create the kind of inclusive, caring school culture students need.  JC’s new book presents a readable, simple, practical guide to help make our schools the kind of place where both students and staff want to be.”

Your entire school year might hinge on your ability to build and sustain campus relationships. That’s why I developed a simple quiz for you and your staff to take. It’s fun, quick, informative, and free!  

Feel free to gauge your campus relationships at teentruth.net/campus-relationships-quiz. Let me know how you do or better yet, share it with friends!

In the coming weeks, I will post out a 50% discount offer for the book as well as a free book study plan that you can utilize with staff.

President & CEO, TEEN TRUTH

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