As many of you know, we have been on the road visiting schools and communities across the country for the better part of the last 10 years.  And while every trip is very special to us, there was one trip this month that was by far one of the best experiences of our career.

Through our work with TASC, we were able to connect with Special Olympics – Texas Meet in the Middle director, Martha Dorow.  After months of campaigning and creative brick laying we were able to pull together our first ever UNIFIED DIFFERENCE MAKER SUMMIT at United ISD in Laredo, TX.  Even though it was geared to leverage TEEN TRUTH’s traditional leadership summit content, this event would be a huge step towards a new frontier for TEEN TRUTH and Special Olympics!

The goal of the summit was to bring intellectually disabled students and typically performing students together for a day long leadership summit.  Focused on giving every student a voice, not only did the event go off without a hitch, but it also did exactly what it had originally promised… It brought ALL students together to formulate a plan to make a difference on campus.

Nobody was treated “special” or “different” and everybody was given a voice as a leader and a difference maker!

October 2015 will mark the day when student leadership took a huge step forward, and we are honored to say that TEEN TRUTH was a part of it.

If you would be interested in bringing this type of event to your community please contact us.  While our goal is to grow this UNIFIED movement here in Texas, we would still love for it to reach more students across the country.

To more steps forward!

Unified Difference Maker Summit

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