Can I Get 10-minutes to Help Plan Your School Culture?

I’ve been on 1,000+ campuses, and I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty: your school culture can make or break your success as a leader, educator, and campus!

But the odds are stacked against you. Social-emotional issues continue to heat up. Staff conflicts are always in full swing. And you get tired being a superhero!

So, I want to help.

I sign all my emails with the words “We’re better together,” because I truly believe it. That’s why I want to offer you 10-minutes of my time to help fix your school culture issues as you plan for next year.

Visit to fill out a short school culture audit and I will send you a personalized video with my insight on how you might be able to steer things in a positive direction.

Visit and let’s dig into your school culture today!

And… If you want to be a better educator or you want your staff to hit the ground running next fall, CLICK HERE to download a fabulous end of school year reflection activity that TEEN TRUTH’s Instructional Coach, Sarah Hayden, created just for you!

Because we really are better together.

President & CEO, TEEN TRUTH

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