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Inspire with Student-Created Content

Infused with the very same student-created films that made us a leader in educational content, the TEEN TRUTH: Middle School Assembly uses engaging storytelling, real-world examples, and audience participation to teach middle school students how to identify different forms of social-emotional pressures. TEEN TRUTH motivates students to be the difference on campus and in life.

Foster a Safe, Accepting School Culture

For nearly 20 years, the TEEN TRUTH: Middle School Assembly has been heralded as the leading school culture assembly program. Impacting millions of students in 7,000+ schools worldwide, our amazing middle school assemblies:

  • Empower Student Voice
  • Build School Culture From the Inside Out
  • Create Safe and Connected School Campuses
  • Provide Students With the Skills to Improve Mental Health

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You guys changed my life. You came to our school, and you taught us things we probably will never forget.


10th Grade Student

I have brought in many assemblies before, but not one has been as powerful as TEEN TRUTH!

Vance Morris

School Principal

I was blown away by your presentation and I’m really amazed about the impact it had on me.


8th Grade Student

TEEN TRUTH Middle School Assemblies

TEEN TRUTH’s middle school assemblies are designed to stop bullying, teen suicide, and social-emotional issues in their tracks. Skip the magicians and comedians and book a trusted school assembly program that will build your school culture and empower student voice.

TEEN TRUTH can customize our presentation to your school or preferred topic. Choose between our “traditional” school assembly format and our “custom” school assembly format, where you can select from a wide variety of student-created content. Visit teentruth.net/assemblyoptions to learn more!

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Guest Speakers in Middle Schools

In middle school, guest speakers play a crucial role in shaping your journey by bringing real-world experiences and inspiration beyond the classroom. Let’s explore the impact that a middle school guest speaker has:

  • Inspiration and Motivation: Speakers prove challenges can be overcome, instilling motivation beyond textbooks.
  • Career Exploration: They introduce various professions, aiding informed decisions about your future.
  • Real-World Application: Guest speakers make subjects real by showing how they’re used in actual professions.
  • Building Confidence: Interacting with successful individuals fosters self-belief and confidence.

The presence of a guest speaker in a middle school setting can leave a lasting impact on students, influencing various aspects of their educational journey. These speakers, often experts or professionals in diverse fields, bring a real-world dimension to the classroom experience. The impact is multi-faceted, starting with the inspiration and motivation derived from personal stories of overcoming challenges, pursuing passions, and achieving success. Students gain exposure to different professions, broadening their understanding of potential career paths and making more informed decisions about their future endeavors. The relevance of classroom learning becomes clearer as guest speakers bridge the gap between theory and practical application, demonstrating how academic concepts are used in everyday life. Moreover, these sessions contribute to the development of confidence, cultural awareness, and enhanced communication skills. Guest speakers serve as role models, encouraging students to set ambitious goals and pursue their passions. The encouragement to think critically and inquire actively during interactive discussions further fosters a culture of curiosity and lifelong learning. In essence, the impact of a middle school guest speaker extends beyond the immediate presentation, laying the foundation for personal and academic growth and inspiring students to envision a future filled with possibilities.

Meet Our Middle School Speakers

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Why Do Middle Schools Have Assemblies?

The reason behind implementing a regular middle school assembly and having speakers visit a middle school is to develop a feeling of a positive school culture among the students and staff. School assemblies are conducted with complete and active participation of the teachers, and the students. Assemblies give students another opportunity to learn about important social-emotional issues that may occur during their time on campus. Creating a personal connection with your students is vital when trying to influence their behavior. A group oriented middle school program is a good way to strengthen your student’s interest and enthusiasm for school.

Assemblies For Middle School Students

Middle school is a very trying time in children’s academic careers. School assemblies are able to address important issues a student may be having in a group oriented atmosphere. During middle school, students may be faced with realities of dropping out, suicide, skipping school, and many other SEL issues that TEEN TRUTH’s middle school assemblies can address.

Young people are susceptible to positive influence, especially from a well-run assembly by a professional speaker. It’s only appropriate to take that time to help them in becoming better students, equipped with the right values and skills that they can carry onward.

TEEN TRUTH has hosted thousands of middle school and junior high school assemblies. Many people think that TEEN TRUTH just targets high school aged students and that is simply not the case at all. We’ve spent countless hours perfecting our programs to target all levels of adolescence. With that being said, since 2006 middle schools, high schools, and junior high schools have looked to TEEN TRUTH, the leader in offering school assemblies that build school culture and empower student voice!

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Why Is SEL So Important For Middle School Students?

The first question you might ask is, what is SEL and why is it important for middle school students? SEL stands for social-emotional learning, which is the process of developing the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school and life success. Our SEL Curriculum is infused with student voice and designed to teach teens how to develop valuable life skills that will enhance their self-development. This curriculum is focused on inspiring students to build resiliency and find growth in adversity.

Social-emotional learning is vital for students because it teaches them crucial life skills, including the ability to grow relationships with the people around them, create a positive self-image, take responsibility for their actions, and understand themselves at a better individual level.

Leadership Activities For Middle School Students


Middle school presents an opportune stage for implementing a range of leadership activities that go beyond conventional classroom learning, offering students dynamic experiences to nurture essential skills. Team building challenges, such as trust falls and problem-solving games, form the foundation of leadership development by encouraging collaboration and communication. Engaging in community service projects not only instills responsibility but also cultivates empathy as students contribute to local charities or participate in initiatives like food drives. Leadership opportunities within student government, clubs, and public speaking platforms allow students to take on roles that foster confidence and effective communication. Establishing peer mentoring programs and organizing leadership workshops further enriches their leadership journey by providing insights into goal setting, time management, and conflict resolution. Assigning responsibilities within the school community, hosting leadership retreats, and incorporating educational games create immersive experiences that contribute to a well-rounded approach to leadership development. From school improvement projects to mock elections and cross-age tutoring programs, these leadership activities for middle school students empowers them to set and achieve goals while preparing them for responsible leadership roles in the future.

TEEN TRUTH JC Pohl Anti-Bully Keynote Speaker

Leadership Games for Middle School: Learning Through Play

Games transcend mere entertainment in middle school; they serve as powerful tools for learning teamwork, critical thinking, and decision-making. The educational value of games is vast and includes experiential learning, providing hands-on experiences that make the learning process more memorable. Team-based games offer insights into understanding how to collaborate effectively towards common goals. Many middle school leadership games present decision-making challenges, fostering critical thinking skills among middle schoolers. Games contribute to the development of communication skills by enhancing the ability to convey ideas clearly and actively listen.

Examples of Leadership Games for Middle School

Ready for some fun? Let’s explore games designed to teach leadership skills without feeling like formal lessons:

  • The Survival Challenge: Work in groups to prioritize and justify choices in a hypothetical survival scenario, fostering teamwork and decision-making skills.
  • Chain Reaction: Create a chain reaction using everyday materials, promoting creativity and understanding cause and effect.
  • Leadership Bingo: Mark leadership qualities on bingo cards as you encounter instances in daily activities, promoting awareness of leadership traits.
  • Escape Room Challenge: Transform the classroom into an escape room, enhancing problem-solving, communication, and teamwork as students work together to solve puzzles and unlock clues.


Middle School Motivational Speakers

An experienced middle school motivational speaker can help students feel more positive about their day to day lives. In fact, after they attend an assembly, your kids will be more eager to come to school each day. TEEN TRUTH was started to help schools build school culture and empower students’ voices. TEEN TRUTH’s efforts start with the highly motivational TEEN TRUTH: Middle School Assembly, which is supplemented with films, stories, and SEL activities designed to engage students and develop school culture. 

Having a motivational speaker at your middle school assembly doesn’t have to be boring. Each speaker has their own set of topics in which they specialize. One speaker might be focused on coping with mental illness and suicide prevention, while another might have their themes wrapped around the importance of student work ethic or leadership. It’s crucial to find a speaker that fits perfectly with the intended theme of your assembly so that they can deliver the specific messages that you need to convey. Middle school assemblies are a great way to pull the student body together. This helps give messaging across campus that all students can hear. Upon building school culture a common message for all middle school students to hear can be important.

Everything that TEEN TRUTH is doing to help schools is brought about through our team members, marketing partners, and clients. Our reach includes schools and conferences in all education-related arenas. In briefest terms, our goal is simple: to empower student voice in every aspect of education. And we have found that middle school assemblies are a great way to accomplish this goal!


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