“Building Campus Relationships from the Inside Out” Book by JC Pohl (paperback)


A Guide to Decreasing Staff Conflict and Increasing Campus Relationships



When it comes to building a strong school culture, campus relationships can make or break the efforts of even the best administrators, teachers, and student leaders. When our needs are met, we can accomplish anything. But when drama seeps in and conflict rears its ugly head, those relationships that help build culture can just as easily rip it down.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, JC Pohl, has spent nearly 20 years helping schools build campus cultures where relationships can thrive. In this book he lays out a powerful “needs based system” that provides the exact blueprint your school can use to build stronger relationships.

The truth is we all have needs, and whether those are needs like appreciation, respect, and support, or things like encouragement, approval, and affection, JC has found that it is these core needs that serve as the building blocks of a healthy relationship.

If you want to decrease staff conflict and increase campus relationships, dig into this book today. It will provide you with the perfect stepping stones to build an amazingly connected and vibrant school culture.

“… presents a readable, simple, practical guide to help make our schools the kind of place where both students and staff want to be.”
– Terry Hamm, Director – Texas Association of Student Councils

“… gives adults the resources necessary to draw better connections and self-reflect on how we truly are ‘better together’.”
– John Ashby, Ed.D., Principal – Sowers Middle School

“…contains the perfect blueprint for creating a school culture that will benefit students as well as staff.”
– Valerie Pope, Assistant Principal – Weatherford High School

– 10 relational needs that foster strong relationships
– Easy to understand examples that are applicable to campus life
– Detailed information on the aspects of campus life that destroy relationships


About the Author

JC Pohl, LMFT is an award-winning producer and nationally certified counselor who has reached over 10 million people with his efforts to build school culture and empower student voice.

As President & CEO his work with TEEN TRUTH has sent him around the world, inspiring students, educators, and parents to tell their truth, and be the difference. He has keynoted conferences for CADA, TASC, BOOST, NASC, LEAD, NCSA, ACE, Texas School Safety Center, and the PTA.

His RISING UP: Coaching Program has reached students across the country and consists of a peer-to-peer curriculum used by school counselors, the Texas Department of State Health Services, 21st Century ACE Centers, and Communities in Schools.

Pohl is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Texas. Currently, he offers counseling services through his private practice and Austin Divorce Recovery. He holds a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling from Texas State University, San Marcos. He is active in the Austin community and has sat on the board of the Austin AMFT.

You can find him on Facebook and LinkedIn or connect directly at www.jcpohl.com.


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