Would an extra $6,000 help your SEL efforts?

You want great curriculum for students.

You want amazing programs to build school culture.

You want student leaders and staff members to feel supported.

But all of that can cost money!

What if we could create $6,000 for you out of thin air? Would that help your SEL efforts?

That is exactly what we did last month for one of our TEEN TRUTH schools. They approached us to be part of our work with School Funding Group, and didn’t have to do much else besides say, “YES!”

We set up the campaign.

We informed all the students.

We collected the money and sent them a nice check when it was all over.

This could easily be you as well. Maybe you could raise more than $6,000!!!

CLICK HERE to watch a short video that I prepared for you on this unique and innovative virtual fundraising opportunity.

I guarantee your students will love it (they get free spirit gear), your donors will love it (they get access to an awesome online discount store), and you will love it (your school funding issues are solved). 🙂

Just one more reason that we truly are… Better together!

President & CEO, TEEN TRUTH

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