TEEN TRUTH is launching a social media school assembly!


Crystal is just like your students. She is searching for her inner voice, and cultivating the strength to face the harsh criticisms and unrealistic expectations of the digital world. She and countless other teens face a distorted social media mirror. It’s a challenge they can only overcome by forming their own sense of identity.

With that said, I am honored to announce our newest TEEN TRUTH film — CRYSTALWritten and directed by former educator turned filmmaker, Javier Espinoza, the director of DISTORTION: A Social Media Story.

CLICK HERE to watch this new student inspired film!

Crystal will take her place in our line up of custom assembly options.  Along with new stories, new activities, and new initiatives to get your students thinking differently about their social media identity.

For us, social media is about the personal brand that your students are developing online. TEEN TRUTH has always been about students finding their voices, and CRYSTAL provides us the perfect pathway for that conversation.

To learn more about our custom assembly program visit www.teentruth.net/assemblyoptions it is the perfect way for you to empower student voice and build school culture (both online and offline)!

And for more information on how to solve cyberbully issues make sure to read Stephanie Lerner’s latest TEEN TRUTH blog. She offers valuable insight and free resources that you can use to combat this issue right now. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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