Two Simple Ideas That Will Help Support Teachers 

With the school year finish line in sight, teacher appreciation efforts are in full swing.

I just donated some money to our room parents to help purchase gifts for our kids’ teachers. I am sure you are doing the same. Gift cards, mugs, flowers, and thank you notes will be coming in from all directions.

This is great!

In my experience hosting CAMPUS RELATIONSHIPS workshops in schools across North America I have found that appreciation is the #1 relational need that teachers have. They work so hard for our students and our communities.

But guess what?!?

In my workshops, I also collect some data. Check out this graphic from one I hosted a few weeks back:

You can see that of the 193 teachers that responded, appreciation (115) was the highest need. But take a look at support (114). It was #2 by only one vote, and as you can see respect (96) and encouragement (61) are really high needs as well.

Also check out the left side in pink, we got 24 people who need some affection! Can we try to pass out some hugs and high-fives to our friends, please?

I give you this information because you are a culture warrior, and when everyone on campus is zigging towards appreciation, why don’t you try to zag towards support and respect?

What is ONE THING that you can do this week to show support or respect to the teachers and staff on your campus?

I am sure it will make a huge difference in their day, their life, and even their performance at school.

P.S. If you would like to host a CAMPUS RELATIONSHIPS workshop next fall contact us ASAP. The best dates are booking up fast.

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