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If you are like me the COVID crisis has had you feeling anxious, sad, and even frustrated.

But with the school year coming to a close, I am hoping there will be a period of rest and reflection for you and your team. During that time it will be crucial to pull your team together to discuss school culture. 

As we know, next semester will bring a whole host of challenges, and in the wake of this crisis the strategies you use to reboot your school culture will be insanely important.

I want to invite you to watch a short video that I produced with Lifetouch. In this 20-minute session I discussed the importance of branding, the value of good messaging, and the power of culture. I also wrestled with the question: What if the COVID crisis could be the perfect opportunity for you to reassess your culture and develop a new way forward?

Click below to review this free web video:

Additionally, having worked with over 1,000 school campuses, I have come to believe that your school slogan is the single greatest asset you have when building culture. It could be more important than anything else, but the problem is many school slogans simply don’t work and many educators haven’t been trained in sales and marketing.

That is why I developed a 9-step guide to help you create the most effective school slogan possible. CLICK HERE to download it and unleash the power of your school slogan. If we have to go virtual again next school year, it may be all that you have left!

P.S. When you are ready, consider hosting a campus relationships training for your staff. While your school slogan is your best asset in building school culture, your campus relationships are the secret sauce!  CLICK HERE to learn more about my in-person or virtual PD training offerings.

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