Are your students and staff questioning their value?

Years ago, someone really close to me told me that my effort to obtain my LMFT wouldn’t benefit TEEN TRUTH. I was crushed by that feedback, and honestly, pretty pissed off.

It shook me to the point that I considered giving up on my dream to be an LMFT. I even considered quitting altogether.

Luckily, I put my head down instead. I worked through five years of night classes, and came out the other side with a new understanding of school culture and student resiliency — an understanding that led TEEN TRUTH to expand into new summits and workshops, and allowed us to evolve our longtime anti-bully assembly into a custom assembly focused on mental health. Ultimately, it helped us to keynote some of the biggest stages in the industry with a fresh focus on building school culture and empowering student voice.

The risk I took ended up working out really well for both me and TEEN TRUTH.

Self doubt can be a relentless smoldering fire that eats away at our soul, but it can also act as an explosive when external forces are forcibly pouring gas on those flames.

Your teachers, students, and staff are no different than me. They have hopes. They have dreams. They have ambition. And those reservoirs of potential are often put into jeopardy by negative experiences on campus.

That’s why I asked Sarah Hayden, TEEN TRUTH’s instructional coach, to write about how we can tame these flames. CLICK HERE to read her latest blog for a breakdown of 4 manageable steps for showing value and building a positive school culture. And CLICK HERE to download her FREE lesson plan that easily teaches the concept of personal value to your students and staff.

We are all fighting difficult personal battles. Thankfully those of us reading this blog are hell bent on making those battles a little bit easier 🙂


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