Use Your CARES Act Money Before it Expires!

Many of our TEEN TRUTH schools have reached out this month to discuss their CARES Act money that is set to expire at the end of the month.

If you or your team members are looking to utilize your CARES Act money to support school culture and the social-emotional needs of your students, consider the following…

#1 – We are hosting some pretty awesome virtual leadership summits. The William S. Hart School District in CA was so happy with these programs that they asked us to develop a round 2 version of the summit for all of their schools. You can CLICK HERE for a promo video and HERE for a summary sheet on Round 1 or HERE for a summary sheet on Round 2. 

#2 – I know the knee jerk reaction to a virtual assembly is a big thumbs down, but I have been hosting several of them lately and they are working out great! Students are starving for good content right now and we have seen them HIGHLY engaged in our virtual school assemblies. CLICK HERE for a promo video or HERE to download a program summary.

#3 – Your staff is stressed, hurting, and dying for better connections during COVID. Consider a CAMPUS RELATIONSHIPS workshop. This program is based on my work as an LMFT and promises to better connect your staff and your students. Socially distanced on-campus and virtual options are available, as well as a free book study and a follow up email campaign to help take the message even deeper. CLICK HERE to learn more, or HERE to download a summary sheet.

I know you and I are committed to building school culture, so let’s do everything we can to use your CARES Act money to benefit your students and your staff. 

We can date invoices for 2020, but hold the credit until next semester.

YES! You can pay now and we will deliver in January, February, or a month of your choice.

Let me know if you have questions. I know times are crazy, but let’s remember…

We’re better together.

President & CEO, TEEN TRUTH

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